Your Wedding Photographer

Photographer kneeling down to take a photograph

The story of your special day will be filled with moments, emotions, and memoires that you will want to relive over and over throughout your life.  I am a storyteller, and am passionate about capturing those special moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.  I have a few stories that I would like to share with you.


At a bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs, a bride was getting ready in her hotel room before she would walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams.  Her mother and daughter were with her.  As she was finishing putting her lipstick on, her teenage daughter walked into the bathroom and wrapped her arms around her mother and resting her head on her mother’s shoulder, closing her eyes.  Her mother looked at her beautiful daughter in the mirror and tilted her head to rest on her daughters.  Her daughter whispered, “I am so happy for you mom.”  That was the time I pressed the button on my camera and captured the reflection of mother and daughter in the mirror sharing their love for each other.  This was one of many amazing moments that were part of their wonderful story that they treasure to this day.


On a sunny afternoon at The View at Hillside Barn, a bride had finished getting ready and was walking outside for a first look; her fiancé was waiting for her to share their vows with each other.  As we walked outside, her father happened to be standing there enjoying the beautiful view.  I quickly turned him so his back was to the venue door.  I motioned her out into the sunlight, and when in just the right spot, I had her father turn around to see his beautiful daughter for the first time in her wedding gown.  His knees weakened and her hands went to her mouth as they started at each other.  The raw emotions of a father seeing his little girl, about to be married and starting her own family, and a daughter, seeing her father before she takes vows of her own was so powerful.  The images I was able to capture still make me smile as I remember photographing them embrace before she walked down to her groom and shared the most intimate feelings that she wrote for him.  Both father and daughter are able to tell the story and explain the overwhelming emotions they were each feeling to others as they show these photos.


These moments are the reasons that I am a wedding photographer.  The ability to tell stories through images filled with emotion has always been a driving force behind why I pick up a camera and why I would like you to consider allowing me the privilege of being your wedding photographer.


This drive to tell stories does not only happen in weddings.  I have been able to capture unique moments and tell the stories of teens through their senior photos, or mothers sharing their moments while carrying a life within them, or families as they joke and play together.  Everyone has a story to tell, and I would love to be the person you choose to tell your story!