You have chosen Wibbs Photography for your wedding day or photo session, now what?

Wedding Packages:

  1. The first thing to expect is an email with a questionnaire. I want to know all about your special day and what you want from your photographer and the photos you will treasure a lifetime. The more you share, the closer I can get to providing you with exactly what you have always dreamed of.
  2. After you send your questionnaire back, I will arrange to meet you both and have a discussion about what you have requested, dial in on what is most important, and discuss the flow of your wedding. The rest of my wedding routine will be discussed so you know exactly what will happen and when as we moved towards your day.
  3. Preparations have been made, invitations have gone out, and your day has arrived. On your wedding day you can expect me to be at your side documenting every moment, helping to keep you on schedule, and to give you everything you had hoped for on this, your wedding day.
  4. The day was everything you had hoped for, you have gone on your honeymoon and shared time together and now you are home. While you have been gone, I will be working hard to get all of your photos sorted, edited, and ready to present to you. This process can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. When they are ready, we will all get together again and relive all of your memories and show you how amazing you looked in your gown, your tux, and together.

I look forward to giving you exactly what you had always dreamed your photos would be. These memories will become the artwork that becomes your family’s heirlooms that generations will be able to look back on and listen to your stories of this amazing day.

If you haven’t booked yet, please contact me now!

You have made the decission to get your portrait photos done with Wibbs Photography, so what is the next step?

Portrait Sessions:

  1. Once you decide to have your portrait session with us and we decide on a date, I will contact you and arrange for a conversation in person or on the phone to discuss everything you want in your session. This will include the location, who will be attending, and any additional things you would like such as outfit changes or multiple locations.
  2. When the day arrives, I will meet you at your chosen location and have everything needed set up and waiting for you, so that you will have the entire session for taking pictures and making memories.
  3. Once the session is done, I will take the prints home and get busy editing them for you. This process typically takes 2 weeks. At that time I will arrange a time for you to meet me and we will go over the amazing photos we created together and have you choose your favorites.

I look forward to capturing your photos and making artwork you will be excited to show your family and friends.

If you haven’t booked yet, please contact me now!